Here are some of the most played games at this time. And if you go to places like you can have them all too, and all for free too. The Scary Maze Game is the father of them all. Or is it the mother of all Scary Maze games. Have a look and you decide for yourself. This is the game that started it all. As the first game in the Scary Maze series, only three mazes are to be negotiated to compete with your online competitors. Yes, you are going to be playing online. For many gamers today, this has become a costly enterprise. But now there are alternatives. The above given online example can guide you on acquiring free Scary Maze games and its followers.

So, after Scary Maze Game, came Scary Maze Game 2. And then there was three, and then came Scary Maze Game 5. Exciting new obstacles await new players. And then there’s a game called Chivvy Chase. Not the mad-cap American actor, Chevy Chase, Chivvy Chase. Needless to say, you’ll be chasing after something. We leave that to you to find out more. What exactly will you be chasing. But the chase is said to be pretty frustrating. And frustration is the name of the game where online gaming addictions is concerned, not so.

If you really are up for a tricky challenge, then you really ought to try out Pencil Panic Extreme. You really need to have all your marbles intact for this game. Because the thing is, you are going to be operating this game with not one, but two marbles. This is tricky stuff indeed. You really need to do a lot of thinking, generally speaking, when you’re playing your online games. But whether you are operating from your mobile or desktop, it is quite another challenge when you need to put your skills of co-ordination to the test.

There is a good argument to be made to allow youngsters to play online games like the ones at It can all go well, if young kids’ playing activity is properly supervised. Just how much time spent playing the popular games can be monitored at all times. And just what type of games is being played can also be monitored. Not that Scary Games and its esteemed associates pose any fears for concerned parents. Perhaps the problem of addiction is one thing to be looked at. It’s not just kid’s stuff, but many grownups are also finding it difficult to tear their eyes away from their screen.

Would you believe it if we told you that should you follow the above given link, you will ultimately be guided towards online help in dealing with any issues you may have with online gaming. You do not believe us? Well, not much we can do about that, other than to suggest to you, yet again, to go visit those suggested online spaces.